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About us

Welcome to Surgery Experts!

Finding the right treatment and doctor for your health can be a real confusing and frustrating experience. Whether you are looking to solve a health problem locally or globally, you need to know what are the choices you have, based on your specific health condition, budget requirements or destination considerations.

Surgery Experts a worldwide market one of a leader in medical tourism, provides you the informational resources needed to evaluate your global options.

It helps you find the right healthcare solution based on your specific health needs, affordable care, while meeting the quality standards that you expect to have in healthcare.

Surgery Experts works with hospitals where is implemented JCI standard.

One of them is Kardiolita Hospital in EU. Kardiolita was the first medical institution in the Baltic states and Eastern Europe to receive an international accreditation certificate from the organisation Joint Commission International in 2013. This certificate signifies that the structure, management, equipment, personnel, infrastructure, environment and services offered at the healthcare institution meet the highest international industry standards. In 2017, the institution became the first in Lithuania to be reaccredited according to the highest standards.

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